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Warblade is a shoot-em'-up style game, originally designed for the PC. Created by Edgar M. Vigdal and Simon Quincey, it consists of 100 levels of action packed fun. This wiki is here to provide you, the player, with a comprehensive guide to the game. Whether you are here just to check what bonuses you might get in a Question Mark Bonus or whether you're aiming for the hard-core "God Ranks", we've hopefully got you covered!!
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Player Ship.png
The Universe
You play as an Elite Star Ship Battle Fighter! You have a simple but very hard task... To explore space, and defeat the enemy aliens.

Your journey will take you through 100 fun and enjoyable levels. Many aliens exist out there! And you need to defeat them all to progress. Not only do you battle the little guys, but also the parents and the big bosses. That's not all! There are a few very unique aliens to be discovered too. Not all of them are bad.
During your travels, you will collect much money and bonuses, and be constantly upgrading yourself in order to fight the tougher opponents. Because of this enormous task, there will be plenty of room for promotions and rewards.

Now, good luck out there! You are gonna need it.

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The Official Game Website can be found here: [1], at "http://www.warblade.as/index.asp"
Another website found here: [2], contains a whole load of information used on this site. ("http://www.warblade.strefa.pl/index.htm")
A Walk-through of the game can be obtained here: [3] at "http://www.mobygames.com/game/warblade/hints"