Warblade is a Shoot-'Em-Up style Third Person Shooter game developed by Edgar M. Vigdal and Simon Quincey. It was originally a PC-only game but has since been ported to OS X, iOS, Linux, and Android. The full version of the game contains a total of 100 unique levels which the player must navigate through by defeating the aliens on each one. It is cram-packed with secrets, interesting gameplay and hours of fun!

History Edit

Warblade was actually an updated version of an old arcade game called "Deluxe Galaga", which in turn was based on the even older "Galaga". The creators of Warblade had nothing to do with the original Galaga game. The creator, Edgar M. Vigdal says that he never played the original. The revamp version (Deluxe Galaga) was composed of all his own ideas with the only the basic shoot'em-up style being the main similarity.

Warblade was created as a share-ware, which allowed anybody to distribute it over the internet and play with their friends. A full game version was released to purchase, which allowed users to have access to more exclusive in-game content such as enhanced user profile pages, more bonuses, time trial mode, etc.... It had remained at the top (or within the top 100) of various best game of the year awards.

The creator, Edgar Vigdal created a money donations pool in order to develop a new game version. It was titled "Warblade MK II" (pronounced "Warblade Mark Two"). This edition of the game features much better graphics than the original, and redesigned sound effects, music, bonuses and more.

Game Version History Edit

Througout the game's development history, different versions are titled with a unique code to distinguish what game version it was. The different version can be seen below. (for a complete developers log of Warblade, please see Version History!)

  • v1.2y6 - current version?
  • v1.2y5
  • v1.2y4
  • v1.2y3
  • v1.2y2
  • v1.2y
  • v1.2x
  • v1.2h
  • v1.2g
  • v1.2f
  • v1.2e(s)
  • v1.2e
  • v1.2d
  • v1.2c
  • v1.2b
  • v1.2
  • v1.1
  • v1.0 - Full version released!
  • Beta 11 Release 4
  • Beta 11 Release 3
  • Beta 11 Release 2
  • Beta 11 Release 1
  • Beta 11 Release 0
  • (older version history is lost/unknown)