In Warblade, every five levels you can visit the shop provided that you have equal money to (or greater than) the cheapest item for sale. Otherwise you will simply continue to the next level. It is a place that allows you to spend your money on upgrading your weapons etc, whilst also providing you information about your current game. If you have a user profile, it also allows you to save your progress up to 5 times (to allow a "quit game").

Conditions Edit

There are 2 main conditions for visiting the shop. Otherwise, you will simply proceed to the next level.

  • You must survive 5 levels and proceed into the Warp
  • You must have at least $50 during the Warp.

Different Shops Versions Edit

There is actually only one shop throughout the game. However, more items can become available through unlocking certain secrets!! The currently know shop versions are as follows:

  • default - Starts from level 1
  • Secret Gameplay - Unlocks 3 extra items, suitable for enhanced game play later in the game.

Items for Sale Edit


Current Game Bar Edit

Within the shop, a 'current game' bar also appears. This box shows you some basic stats about your current game. These stats include:

  • Current Weapon
  • Score per Level
  • Game Time
  • Hit Percentage
  • This Game Highest Level