Level 001 Alien
Level 001 Alien (bigger)
Name Level 001 Alien
Type Normal
Color Green & Purple
Size unknown
Shape Bat-Shaped
Bullet Type unknown
Bullet Size unknown
Level Debut Level 001
Levels Count 07
Levels List Level 001
Level 002
Level 003
Level 004
Level 080
Level 081
Level 082
Level 083
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The Level 001 Alien, is featured on levels 001 through 004 and 080 to 083. It is the first alien you encounter on your journey. On the first 4 levels, it is the easiest enemy to defeat.

Summary Edit

This is the first Alien you encounter on your travels. In normal mode and on levels 001 to 004, they are the easiest alien to kill. With a minimum of one Single Bullet.

Appearance Edit

There are a total of three different species of this alien. But the second and third are only featured on levels 080 to 083. They appear to be bat-like in shape, with 2 wings. The primary species is Green in colour. The other 2 are primarily Red and Yellow.

Bullets Edit

They have the simplest type of bullet. Similar to that of a player's Single Shot. It is white in colour.

Bonuses and Points Edit

These aliens, like the other Main Level Aliens, are able to drop any of the known Bonuses. Their drop rate and type are usually random, unless effected by some Game Secrets.

Bonuses Edit

Points Edit

Trivia Edit

  • These are the first aliens to be seen.