A Gem Drop is one of the game's bonus levels. This level can only be granted once you have successfully collected 100 Gems within the current game. The level itself consists of massive bonus gems that drop at different speeds and intervals. Your objective is to collect as many as you can! Each one is worth 5 small gems and a points bonus is rewarded.

Secret Bird
Spoiler Alert: This page or section is part of (or contains a reference to) the Game Secrets. It is recommended that you discover this for yourself!!

How to Obtain Edit

The Gem Drop is a special bonus level granted to those players who have successfully managed to collect 100 Gems within their current play-through. This level consists of Big Gems of different colours falling from the sky. Similar to the Meteor Storm, instead of rocks falling from the sky it is Gems. And instead of having to avoid them, you should collect them! The level itself only lasts a few minutes, giving the player a short amount of time to collect as many bonuses as they can.

Bonuses Edit

There are three types of gems that are 'dropped' in this level.

  • Red
  • Purple
  • Green

Red is the lowest ranking gem in terms of points, and green is the highest ranking coloured gem.

Secrets Edit

This level is one of the game's Game Secrets. Successfully visiting this level, unlocks this bonus!