Decrease Strength(In game:Sucker) is one of the Bonuses,but is a little Anti-Bonus.Every pick of this bonus decreases your weapon level(Example:I have Double Shot.I picked up the Sucker and i have Single Shot now.)and skills(Bullets,Speed,etc.).

  • Blue Sucker
  • Green Sucker
  • Red Sucker

There is a three colours of Suckers:

Red:Decreases Speed and Time.

Blue:Decreases Bullets and Time.

Green:Decreases Speed and Bullets.

Secret Weapon(?)Edit

If you collected all colours of Suckers,you will be rewarded with a Super Triple Shot and big amount of Bullets,Speed and Time.

Other BonusesEdit

If player catch some numbers of one colored suckers,there will be rewarded with:

Blue Coins Mode-Requirements:3 Blue Suckers-When player catch Money Bomb,to player fall ONLY BLUE COINS.

Gem Counter-Requirements:3 Red Suckers-Gem Counter represents number of catched gems.Very useful when player going to activate gem drop.

Super Multipler M.S.-Requirements:3 Green suckers-When awarded,you start meteor storm with X2 or X5 point multipler...

There is a 1% chance for ,,Lucky" Sucker.When catched,player will have some of good weapons,like Fireballs.But that must have Very,Very big Luck.