Basic Bonuses Edit

These bonuses consist of the bonuses listed on the homepage of the game (PC). They are as follows:

-E X T R A- When all five falling letters are collected, a bonus life will be given. If All four lives are possessed, then you shall be awarded a armour, and if you also have two armours, then you'll instead be awarded 1,000,000 points.

-Extra Bullet- Increases the number of bullets you can shoot before pausing to reload. If maxed then awards 25,000 points.

-Extra Speed- Increases the speed that you ship can move back and forth across the screen.

-Shield- Projects a force-field around the ship that prevents alien bullets from hitting you

-Weapons (including single, double, triple, and quadruple shot)- determine the number of bullets that shoot out in a row from the ship.

-Alien Scoop- Emits a beam in front of the ship that turns aliens to shoot for you. Once two have been scooped the rest that hit the beam are automatically killed and repelled off of the screen.

-Smart Bombs- This includes both the money bomb (purple), which turns all aliens in the level into falling money; and the gem bomb (red), which turns all aliens in the level into falling gems. remember that these are an easy way to clear a bonus level with 100% completion.

-Score Multipliers- This includes the 2x and 5x multipliers, which multiply your score by 2 and 5 respectively for as long as they last.

-Meteor Storm- A nifty bonus side level that put you in the center of an asteroid feild. Your goal is to successfully navigate out of the asteroid field. See Meteor Storm for a complete guide.